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Hey Natural BeUTee!

I’m Tyana - owner, mad scientist, and creator of BeUTee Bath and Body :)


    As a career Research Scientist, I am no stranger to the dangers of harsh chemicals and toxins. One day after washing my hands and exiting the lab, I decided to read the ingredients on the bottle of lotion I intended to apply. I was shocked to learn that one of the chemicals that I had just used in the lab (which required the use of gloves), was also in the lotion! That experience ultimately led me to research and formulate my own line of natural bath and body products.

   Having lived a vegetarian lifestyle and being a self professed “naturalista” for over a decade, it was only right that I created products that were not only free of harsh chemicals but also vegan, palm oil-free, and packed with the best plant-based ingredients! In 2016 BeUTee Bath and Body was born as both a way to share my creations with all of my friends and as a means to institute social change in my community! At BeUTee Bath and Body, "we don't just make products, we make a difference"!

   Be sure to follow us @beuteebathandbody for all of our behind the scenes shenanigans and social outings. Welcome to the Natural BeUTee family!

Much Love,


1 Corinthians 13:13